We Take Care of Teeth

PARATEETH is a Platform to Prevent Dental Disease.


PARATEETH is The First Dental Care Provider Based on Blockchain.

Care Servises

We Offer Regular Professional Check-Ups and Prophylaxis for Those Wishing to Prevent Tooth Decay.

Our Caring Services Start from The Neonatal Period But are not Necessarily Limited to The Newborn.

Cure Servises

We Provide Guaranteed Treatments for Those Suffering from Unwelcome Dental Intense Pain and Make The Most of The Best Materials and Methodology to Treat Dental Diseases.


We Place a Strong Emphasis on Providing Educational Content to Empower Individuals With Knowledge and Skills.

In PARATEETH, we aim to take care of children from birth.

Via PARATEETH, we prevent dental disease, its pains, and payments.

At PARATEETH, we use cutting-edge technology, materials, and methods to put an end to tooth decay.

PARATEETH collaborates with distinguished dentists and scientists and additionally has her distinct Danish Design Dental offices Just in Top Hotels. This concept of ‘Hoteling Dentistry’ was pioneered by PARATEETH when we opened our first dental office in Darvishi Royal Hotel in 2021.

What problem does The PARATEETH solve?

Tooth decay is the world’s most common non-contagious disease, caused by acids produced by oral cavity bacteria. These acids, resulting from the consumption of sugar, dissolve tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay and potential pain. Untreated, it may increase the risk of other diseases. PARATEETH offers regular check-ups and prophylactic care, or even for early dental treatment needs.

How does The PARATEETH generate income?

Initially, we will launch our Stock NFTs over one year to secure the necessary funding for the project. In the second year, we plan to introduce a cryptocurrency for clients who subscribe to PARATEETH’s monthly services, which aim to protect their dental health.

Who is behind the project?

PARATEETH is led by CEO Dr. Mojtaba Bazrafshan (DDS), a dental professional with a decade of experience in preventive dentistry. Driven by a mission to eradicate tooth decay, he has gathered a team of exceptional dentists and scientists.
(See CEO page).

What are the benefits of PARATEETH for stakeholders?

First, the value of our Stock NFTs will appreciate over time. our NFTs are limited, and we never published another stock NFTs at all.
Second, We will share profits with stakeholders from client subscriptions up to a certain threshold.
Lastly, by joining us, you become part of the movement to create a more beautiful world😊.

How can you join PARATEETH?

If you’d like to join us, simply purchase our NFTs at https://opensea.io/PARATEETH from September 21, 2023, to September 21, 2024. It’s your chance to become a stakeholder and be a part of the fight against tooth decay.

Dental Health Importance

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